GGX Incentivized TestNet
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The Golden Gate Sydney Validator programme, is a campaign launched by the Golden Gate team to attract validators for participation in the Golden Gate Sydney testnet. Sydney testnet is a Proof-of-Stake network based on the Golden Gate blockchain.

Golden Gate team holds privileged access to the network having the authority to upgrade and configure the network solely. We configured it this way to ensure failover in case of any emergency. We plan to revoke this access after the network gains enough maturity. Any usage of privileged access by the Golden Gate team will be transparent and evident to other network participants. Golden Gate team is not incentivized to use privileged access unless in an emergency.

Sydney testnet includes democracy routines. Any validator can propose a network upgrade or tokenomics parameter changes. The proposal will be the subject of voting by all Validators that have the minimum amount of tokens staked (1000 GGXT). The proposal is accepted/rejected by a simple majority rule.