Golden Gate: Golden Gate Interchain infrastructure launches public TestNet for next generation novel DeFi and cross-chain

The Golden Gate’s public TestNet launch welcomes developers to begin exploring Novel DeFi and cross-chain dApps only possible over its core infrastructure. Golden Gate has innovated comprehensive security for base-layer communications, ZK precompiles, and Embedded Hybrid VM to advance DeFi liquidity routing in Web3.

Golden Gate (GGX), a programmable Layer 0 with Novel DeFi capabilities and enhanced Web3 security standards, formally announced its TestNet launch today.

GGX’s public TestNet is open to developers interested in building natively cross-chain. Utilizing interchain infrastructure, Golden Gate unites the current landscape of isolated infrastructure while protecting on-chain assets in Web3. Using Golden Gate, developers can avoid the risks that have emerged with the current vulnerable and fragile cross-chain infrastructure existing in the market today. Golden Gate solves critical cross-chain pain points by allowing developers to build multi-chain applications using its Multi-Party Computation, Embedded Hybrid VM, and Decentralized Oracle capabilities.

“Golden Gate’s capacity to solve critical cross-chain pain points is a significant breakthrough for developers and the Web3 ecosystem. By offering a dramatic reduction in gas cost efficiency with unique ZK precompiles capabilities on EVM for Novel DeFi, we expect developers will get creative in their use of our technology,” said Golden Gate CSO and Co-Founder Matthew Doty, who in 2014 was among the first two research hires by the Ethereum Foundation, and in 2015 co-wrote the Ethereum mining algorithm with Vitalik Buterin.

Golden Gate began developing in 2021 and is now in public TestNet with multiple early projects from the community building Next Generation applications such as Novel DEXs and AMMs. Golden Gate’s availability of numerous protocol messaging standards including IBC, LayerZero, and XCMP, amongst others, makes it unique by removing developer decision constraints of where to build. Before founding Golden Gate, the team has helped develop and scale some of today’s leading Web3 infrastructure, including Layer 1 blockchains, middleware, and DeFi applications. It has prior experience in traditional technology, academia, and the aerospace industry. Golden Gate utilizes formal verification to achieve comprehensive security standards from the aerospace and chip manufacturing industries.

Golden Gate CEO and Co-founder Viktor Ihnatiuk added, “Our mission is to develop a Web3 technology solution that eliminates the interactivity barriers that currently exist in cross-chain. Our aim is to create a dependable and trustworthy platform that addresses the vulnerabilities in multi-chain DeFi while opening up developers to the next generation of Novel DeFi. Our ultimate goal is to unify and safeguard cross-chain liquidity in the Web3 ecosystem.”

CEO Viktor Ihnatiuk and CTO Yehor Butko of Golden Gate have co-led Boosty Labs over the past five years and bring GGX comprehensive Web3 infrastructure coding and engineering experience with a practical knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work for Web3 projects. Boosty Labs is amongst the world’s largest and most prominent blockchain development shops, with 150 engineers and coders, and has helped develop for Consensys, Storj, NEAR, Ledger, and Pocket Network, amongst many others.

To explore how to access Golden Gate’s public TestNet, please join Golden Gate’s discord or visit for more information.


Golden Gate (GGX) is interchain infrastructure that delivers protocol agnostic cross-chain communications and liquidity routing, featuring a comprehensive security architecture. Golden Gate is delivering a next-generation programmable layer 0, with an embedded hybrid virtual machine, and advanced DeFi orchestration capabilities that contributes critical infrastructure for Web3’s emerging “Internet of Blockchains.” Golden Gate is developed by a team that collectively helped build key components of our industry’s first generation fragmented infrastructure, now with the mission to bring frictionless composability and enhanced security standards to Web3.

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