Interchain Consensus Platform

For Communication, Trade & Modularity.
Bringing Interchain Intelligence into Bitcoin

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GGx Platform Configurability Brings In Demand Technology

  • 1. Attributes of LO's
  • 2. Attributes of L1's
  • 3. Attributes of L2's
  • / Optimization for a multichain world
  • / Unlocking the power of the entire digital asset category over any chain, no bridging, no wrapping, native trading. Example: Native BTC on ETH, SOL on BTC
  • Use Cases ▼
  • GGx - RFQ DEX for native assets cross-chain
  • BTC DeFi
  • Secure blockchain based liquidity linking
  • L2 with multiple execution layers (BTC, ETH, IBC & more)
  • Cross-chain LSD
  • Cross-chain message passing

Why We Are Building GGx Platform Now

Building For The Next Decade of Web3
Building For The Next Decade of Web3 Some liquidity pools & traditional bridging are honeypots
GGx Consensus of Bitcoin & ETH light clients

Building For The Next Decade of Web3 Fragmented and isolated technology islands
GGx Trustless relayer connectors for running any chain for native interoperability & platform security to support global comms, trading & modularity / configurability
Building For The Next Decade of Web3 Bifurcated liquidity ecosystems
GGx Unites BTC & EVM, IBC liquidity ecosystems
05Decentralization still matters
Building For The Next Decade of Web3 Only a handful of validators matter for Consensus
GGx Nominated PoS and balanced validator weights leading to High Nakamoto Coefficient
06Innovating for BTC
Building For The Next Decade of Web3 Lack of BTC DeFi Orchestration
GGx SmartRoot, GGx Chain, WASM & EVM brings holistic user friendly programmability & interchain interplay
Building For The Next Decade of Web3 Active development of BTC innovations are only really starting - Ordinals, BRC-20, Taproot Assets
GGx GGx brings a trustless, secure and decentralized alternative to current centralized and federated BTC liquidity

Investors & Partners


Q2 2021
Golden Gate (GGx) begins developing in stealth
Q3 2021
EVM & Non-EVM Cross-Chain Bridge Research & Architecture
Q4 2021
Grants Funded GGx Team Self Funding
Q1 2022
Development of Bridge POC and Pre-Seed Funding
Q2 2022
GGx - Chain Solution
Expansion To Utilize
Blockchain For Cross-Chain Communication
Q3 2022
POC Architecture Design Begins
Q4 2022
Brooklyn Upgrade,
Delivery of Bridge POC v1.0, Whitepaper Released
Q1 2023
Delivery of TestNet, MVP of Blockchain Bridges v2.0
Q2 2023
GGx 1.0 Whitepaper, Developer Testnet

Q3 2023
Sydney Harbor
TestNet Upgrade
Cosmos IBC Integration

Q4 2023
Ethereum Light
Client Integration
Q1–Q2 2024
GGx chain Mainnet
Ledger Live & Hardware Integration

Q3 2024
Scaling Liquidity Link Revenue & User Base
Bitcoin Integration
Q4 2024
Tron, Avalanche integration
GGx chain Ecosystem Fund Deployment
Scaling 2025
Scaling An Ecosystem:
100’s+ dApps
50 Parachains (Including Gov. & Enterprise)


Chu Man Gyun Co-founder, COOAsia
Viktor Ihnatiuk Co-founder, CEOEurope
Matt Doty Co-founder, CSON.A
Yehor Butko CTOEurope
Pavel Burylichev Director of EngineeringEurope
Lisa Loi Asia GrowthAsia
Clarence Guo CLOAsia

Our expertise

01 Boosty Labs Resources
CEO Viktor Ihnatiuk and CTO Yehor Butko

Lead Boosty Labs and bring GGx comprehensive Web3 infrastructure development experience and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work, along with Boosty Labs substantial resources of top engineers and coders to onboard as GGx scales. They know how to cost-efficiently manage and ship top-tier crypto native products on time

02 Ethereum Pedigree
CSO Matt Doty

Is one of the first two research hires by Vitalik Buterin for the Ethereum Foundation in 2014 who co-developed the Ethereum Mining Algorithm with Vitalik that was released in 2015

03 Legal Compliance
CLO Clarence Guo

Has been multi-jurisdictional legal counsel for over 200 crypto projects, such as Polygon, Solend,, Constellation Network

04 Capital Markets
COO Chu Man Gyun

Has been part of the leadership for CEXs, managing capital markets along with listings, growth marketing, and market makers

We have helped develop & scale some of today’s leading Web3 infrastructure

Our team understands what works and what does not work to build critical infrastructure for an Intelligent Interchain industry

With experience in Traditional Tech, Academia & Aerospace Industry