Golden Gate ZK Precompiles: A Game Changer 1000X Cost Reduction


As a novel interchain infrastructure protocol, Golden Gate solves the interchain communication and liquidity transfer challenges that plague other smart contract L1s and L2s across the Web3 industry. Golden Gate’s solution leverages two central pieces of its architecture 1) Protocol-agnostic communications, which allows for message passing across all major standards, including IBC, XCMP, and LayerZero, amongst others, and 2) a Hybrid Virtual Machine, which makes Golden Gate into a programmable Layer 0 designed explicitly for cross-chain applications, supporting both the EVM, WASM and all their supported tooling. Golden Gate’s hybrid virtual machine is critical not only to unlocking native cross-chain applications but also for novel zero-knowledge-based applications and DeFi infrastructure. GGX’s public TestNet is currently open to developers interested in building natively cross-chain.

02Hybrid VM + Protocol Agnostic Communication Use Cases

Due to Golden Gate’s native programmability paired with its protocol-agnostic cross-chain communications, next-generation DeFi applications that were previously not possible in other ecosystems are now possible and seamless to deploy cross-chain. Combining these two characteristics is potent and has exciting implications for the ecosystem that can build on top of Golden Gate. To date, several projects operating in stealth building Novel DeFi are using this to their advantage, powered by Golden Gate’s cross-chain support and programmability. However, Golden Gate does not simply stop there, as applications can now do much more due to the virtual machine’s native support for ZK programs.

03ZK Precompiles: Critical Infrastructure

Within Golden Gate’s optimized Hybrid VM are EVM based precompiles for zero-knowledge proof systems. Specifically, precompiles for Groth16 and Plonk proofs systems, two of the most widely used and tested ZK proof primitives, are included within the virtual machine. First-class support means that zero-knowledge programs can be deployed with native and efficient on-chain support, reducing gas costs associated with their use by up to 1000X. By reducing gas costs by three orders of magnitude, Golden Gate makes on-chain zero-knowledge verification practical, equivalent to a zero-knowledge focused layer one blockchain, with all the interoperability properties it inherits with its communication protocol agnostic architecture. Thus, in addition to the next-generation cross-chain DeFi applications noted above, Golden Gate ZK precompiles enable even more potential use cases.

While part of a long and rich history of cryptography research and development, zero-knowledge technology is critical to the future of crypto networks, namely along two axes: scalability and privacy.

04Scalability and Privacy

One of the most significant hurdles blockchains have faced is scalability. Zero-knowledge technology enables verifiable off-chain computation – zero-knowledge rollups, numerous of which have been funded and built over the past few years. Second, by their nature, permissionless blockchains are public, which means addresses and the actions they take are transparent and therefore lack privacy considerations. Zero-knowledge technology now allows for scalable and private computation, helping systems and applications overcome these constraints. However, Ethereum and the EVM were built before ZK technology advanced to where it is today and did not have the foresight to precompile proof systems as part of the EVM, rendering using them highly gas intensive.

Thus, to address these limitations, Golden Gate has included these natively in its virtual machine, making it significantly easier to deploy all sorts of ZK use cases natively on Golden Gate, including zk-rollups, decentralized private exchanges, voting, and other privacy-preserving technologies. Zero-knowledge precompiles and Golden Gate’s communication protocol agnostic architecture enable new use cases, such as cross-chain dark pools and broader interoperability among ZK apps. Down the line, as Golden Gate continues to gain traction, this opens up the opportunity to scale the network with ZK rollups and build application-specific L2s that inherit the properties of Golden Gate. Golden Gate’s availability of numerous protocol messaging standards including IBC, LayerZero, and XCMP, amongst others, also makes it unique by removing developer decision constraints of where to build.

This positions Golden Gate squarely in the center of numerous secular trends, including interoperability, programmability, and zero knowledge verification, which will further strengthen the value prop of the Golden Gate burgeoning ecosystem.

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Golden Gate (GGX) is interchain infrastructure that delivers protocol agnostic cross-chain communications and liquidity routing, featuring comprehensive security architecture. Golden Gate is delivering a next-generation programmable layer 0, with an embedded hybrid virtual machine, and advanced DeFi orchestration capabilities that contributes critical infrastructure for Web3’s emerging “Internet of Blockchains.” Golden Gate is developed by a team that collectively helped build key components of our industry’s first generation fragmented infrastructure, now with the mission to bring frictionless composability and enhanced security standards to Web3.

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